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The Best LEGO Cars on the Web! | LEGO News, Reviews & MOCs | Cars, Trucks, Sci-Fi, Aircraft & More
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  • 06/16/13--10:12: Big Pete
  • A Peterbilt monster truck. Because why not? Billyburg is the builder behind the blue beast, and you can see more of it on Flickr here.

    thelegocarbloggerLego Big PetethelegocarbloggerLego Big Pete

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  • 07/30/13--16:01: Little Wonders
  • In contrast to Doc Brown’s Technic Ford Tudor, which we featured yesterday, comes 1saac W.’s tiny Model A hot rod, also from 1932. You can see more of Issac’s cars, including his Dodge Polara Police car which we featured recently, on his Flickr photostream. In the meantime some of the Elves have been looking a […]

    draspmenaceFord A 500wLegolize 500wdraspmenaceFord A 500wLegolize 500w

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  • 08/28/13--16:01: Here Be Monsters
  • Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers) is one of our favourite builders here at The Lego Car Blog. His models look and function brilliantly, but it’s they way they’re built which sets them apart; they’re as easy to build as a LEGO set. His latest, entitled ‘Some kind of monster’ is another beautifully engineered modular build, and […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Monster TruckthelegocarbloggerLego Monster Truck

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  • 11/24/13--02:26: Super Sunday
  • After a telling-off from TLCB Staff for yesterday’s un-car-y focus, the Elves are working hard to make amends (and earn dinner). Today they’ve found no less than three creations, and they’re all cars! It may be a sign of the coming apocalypse, but lets enjoy it while it lasts. No.1: One of the highest quality […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Vivace SupercarLego Mazda RX-7Lego Monster truck 4x4thelegocarbloggerLego Vivace SupercarLego Mazda RX-7Lego Monster truck 4x4

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  • 09/01/14--16:00: Maxi Mini
  • Every so often, you think of something so ridiculous that you wish it could be true.  A Mini Cooper monster truck, coincidentally, has always been one of our silly desires.  Conveniently, Tim Henderson over on Flickr has got us covered there. His delightfully absurd take on the recently-released 40109 Mini Cooper set makes us tingle […]

    raps555Lego Mini Cooper ReduxLego 40109 Reduxraps555Lego Mini Cooper ReduxLego 40109 Redux

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  • 05/30/15--02:29: A Mini Monster
  • Proving that you don’t need thousands of bricks to be featured on our blog is Flickr’s Amida Na, with his two new trucks. Click on this link to view the models in more detail. Can you spot the Lego samurai swords hidden in both builds?

    draspmenaceAmida MonsterAmida Slick RigdraspmenaceAmida MonsterAmida Slick Rig

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  • 06/07/15--16:08: Monster Truck
  • TLCB favourite (and ‘Become a Pro‘ interviewee) Sariel is back with another brilliant RC creation. His latest work is a replica of BJ Baldwin’s insane Monster Energy Chevrolet trophy truck, and it’s an absolute riot to drive! We managed to get it off the Elves pretty quickly and have been hooning it around the office […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego BJ Baldwin's Monster Energy Chevrolet TruckthelegocarbloggerLego BJ Baldwin's Monster Energy Chevrolet Truck

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  • 09/09/15--02:20: The Hulk
  • We were still hoovering up the left over Elf body parts (we think they grow back… probably) from today’s earlier mass smushing when this came barrelling down the corridor in pursuit of a group of fleeing Elves. Fortunately what is a terrifying Monster Truck of Death to the Elves is a Smallish Remote Control Toy to us, so it was duly picked […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego RC Monster TruckthelegocarbloggerLego RC Monster Truck

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  • 08/29/17--16:01: Crushing Cars
  • Never has a vehicle found by one of Elves been more… Elven. Well, maybe if paave‘s Technic Bigfoot monster truck was remote controlled, but weary of past smushings we’re rather thankful that it isn’t. Based on a 1974 Ford F-250 pick-up truck, the original ‘Bigfoot’ was, like all the best inventions, built by a man in his […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Bigfoot Monster TruckLego Bigfoot Monster TruckthelegocarbloggerLego Bigfoot Monster TruckLego Bigfoot Monster Truck